Three-Dimensional Porous flower-like CoMoO4 as Cathode for Li-O2 Batteries

Pengcheng Xing, Bao-Lian Su

 University of Namur
Laboratory of Inorganic Materials

Lithium-oxygen batteries (LOBs) are considered to be the next-generation energy storage systems due to their high energy density (~ 3500 Wh kg−1).1 However, the insulating and bulk lithium peroxide discharge product causes sluggish decomposition, increasing overpotential and reduce cycle stability, so it is necessary to find cathode materials with excellent oxygen reduction reaction and oxygen evolution reaction performance.2 Mixed transition metal oxides have attracted much attention because of their feasible oxidation states, high energy density and high conductivity. Here, Three-Dimensional Porous flower-like CoMoO4(3DF-CM) was synthesized via a universal and low-cost hydrothermal method, which is to be used as an efficient electrocatalyst in an oxygen electrode for high-performance LOBs. Morphologically, the 3DF-CM with high electrical conductivity has large surface can improve charge transport and promote delithiation during recharge.

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