31 January

08:45    Welcome & setting up of the posters

09:15    Opening & introduction

09:30    Keynote 1: Jean-Luc DUVAIL (Université de Nantes) « Design of nanowires for tuning and improving nanophotonic and plasmonic properties »

10:15    C1: Raphaël DUTOUR (ULB) « Development of an ovarian selective miRNA delivery system based on gold nanoparticles to overcome side effects of chemotherapy »

10:35    Flash session 1 > 5: Fabien DRAULT, Alessia FANTONI, Emerick GUILLAUME, Mhamad HANTRO, Anju JOLLY

10:50    Coffee-break and poster session

11:20    Keynote 2: Marie-Liesse DOUBLET (Institut Charles Gerhardt, Montpellier) « Computational methods and tools to tackle the societal challenge of electrochemical energy storage »

12:05    C2: Shanshan YAN (UCLouvain) « Polyrotaxane-based networks as electrolytes and catholytes for all solid-state lithium batteries »

12:25    Flash session 6 > 10: Victor LEPEINTRE, Amélie MAERTENS, Marilù MARALDI, Pierre NGUE SONG, Abdoul Herrim SEIDOU

12:40    Lunch break and poster session

14:15    Keynote 3: Frédéric CASTET (Institut des Sciences Moléculaires, Bordeaux) « Dynamic effects in calculations of second-order NLO properties of organic molecules in complex environments »

15:00    C3: Babak SADEGHI (ULB/UMons) « Plasma-catalyst: A green approach for nitrogen fixation »

15:20    C4: François MAIRESSE (UNamur) « First principles evaluation of the second harmonic generation response of reference organic and inorganic crystals »

15:40    Coffee-break and poster session

16:10    C5: Antoine FARCY (ULiège) « Development of antibacterial functionalized textiles by 3D printing »

16:30    Keynote 4: Carmela APRILE (UNamur) « Silica-based nanostructured catalysts for the efficient valorization of biomass derivatives »

17:15    Awarding of Prizes & conclusions

17:30    Drink


The list is available here.

Good to know

To be eco-friendly, we have decided not to print the book of abstracts. Registered participants will receive a pdf book with their confirmation email the week before the meeting.

In order to provide the best possible reading experience on mobile devices, especially during the meeting day, you will find the abstracts of the oral and poster presentations on this page.
The idea is not that you all print the book of abstracts on your own.