The program will be updated in the next weeks.

31 January

09:00    Welcome & setting up of the posters

09:25    Opening

09:30    Keynote 1:

10:15    C1:

10:35    Flash session 1 > 5

10:45    Coffee-break and poster session

11:15    C2:

11:35    Keynote 2:

12:20    Flash session 6 > 10

12:30    Lunch break and poster session

14:00    Keynote 3:

14:45    C3:

15:05    C4:

15:25    Coffee-break and poster session

16:00    C5:

16:20    Keynote 4:

17:05    Awarding of Prizes

17:15    Closing


The list will be available here.

Good to know

To be eco-friendly, we have decided not to print the book of abstracts. Registered participants will receive a pdf book with their confirmation email the week before the meeting.

In order to provide the best possible reading experience on mobile devices, especially during the meeting day, you will find the abstracts of the oral and poster presentations on this page.
The idea is not that you all print the book of abstracts on your own.